Manage storage limits for SkyDrive Pro libraries

After an Office 365 tenant with SharePoint Online is provisioned, every user in that tenancy receives a SkyDrive Pro library with 25 GB of storage space. As users become accustomed to storing files in their SkyDrive Pro libraries they might find that they need more storage space, particularly if they store images, videos, or other large files.

When users run low on storage space, they will receive an email informing them that their SkyDrive Pro libraries are nearing capacity. In that mail will be statistics about library usage and recommendations for freeing up space. Recommendations include tasks like emptying the recycle bin and removing folders and files that are no longer needed.

Users will again receive an email when their libraries reach storage capacity. If they have emptied the recycle bin and removed old files, their next option will be to contact you, the SharePoint Online admin, to request more storage space.

You can increase individual SkyDrive Pro storage quotas by allocating available storage from the tenant’s bulk quota pool. Sites can be increased based on preset values from the default 25 GB up to 50 or 100 GB, if unallocated quota is available. For example, if your tenancy has a SkyDrive Pro storage limit of 541 GB, and you’ve allocated 500 GB already, you will only be able to increase one user from 25 GB to 50 GB (541 GB – 500 GB = 41 GB available).

 Important    While the default 25 GB of storage quota is not counted against a tenant’s bulk quota, any additional storage space allocated to SkyDrive Pro sites is. A subscriber’s allotted storage quota in most plans is 10 GB plus 500 MB per licensed user.

You can monitor overall storage quota allocation from the SkyDrive Pro Storage Limits or Site Collections pages in the SharePoint admin center. You’ll want to pay attention to the storage allocation meter, which shows how much free SkyDrive Pro space is still available for the tenant. An example is shown below.

Example of the storage allocation meter showing how much SkyDrive Pro space is allocated for the tenant

The meter turns red when storage usage is nearing or has exceeded capacity. When you see this critical status, you’ll want to contact the site collection administrator or look more deeply at the individual SkyDrive Pro libraries to determine where space can be freed up and whether additional storage space is necessary for the site collection. If you run out of bulk storage quota to allocate, you can buy more under the licensing tab in your O365 admin center.