SkyDrive Pro Mobile Apps for Windows 8

Microsoft on Friday delivered the first versions of its promised SkyDrive Pro mobile apps for Windows 8/RT and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). The app, which looks and works almost exactly like the SkyDrive mobile app, provides a handy way to access your SkyDrive Pro-based files in Office 365, SharePoint Online, or SharePoint 2013.

I’m away this week, so I tested the SkyDrive Pro app for Windows 8/RT. From the tile to the app interface, this app is clearly modeled on the SkyDrive app that ships as part of Windows 8/RT.

The app offers the same basic navigation, view styles (details, thumbnails) and capabilities as the SkyDrive app.

But it also offers view sorting: You can sort by name, date, size or type.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t offer offline access to your files too. You can download files, but not sync them with the SkyDrive Pro service. (The SkyDrive desktop application supports this functionality, of course, but doesn’t work with Windows RT or non-Windows platforms.)

That said, the app does provide simple file browsing, upload, and even sharing capabilities. (To share outside your organization, your administrator will need to have enabled this functionality.)

This is a great start for the SkyDrive Pro mobile app family. I’m looking forward to a version for Windows Phone 8, and to the possibility that this functionality—and offline sync—could be further integrated with Windows 8 and RT too.

You can download the SkyDrive Pro app for Windows 8/RT from the Windows Store.

The SkyDrive Pro app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is available from the iTunes Store.


SharePoint Blog – Advancing the enterprise social roadmap

SharePoint Blog – Advancing the enterprise social roadmap.

oday’s post comes from Jared Spataro, Senior Director, Microsoft Office Division. Jared leads the SharePoint business, and he works closely with Adam Pisoni and David Sacks on Yammer integration.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Yammer acquisition, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on where we’ve come from and talk about where we’re going. My last post focused on product integration, but this time I want to zoom out and look at the big picture. It has been a busy year, and it’s exciting to see how our vision of “connected experiences” is taking shape.
Yammer momentum

First off, it’s worth noting that Yammer has continued to grow rapidly over the last 12 months–and that’s not something you see every day. Big acquisitions generally slow things down, but in this case we’ve actually seen the opposite. David Sacks provided his perspective in a post on the Microsoft blog, but a few of the high-level numbers bear repeating: over the last year, registered users have increased 55% to almost 8 million, user activity has roughly doubled, and paid networks are up over 200%. All in all, those are pretty impressive stats, and I’m proud of the team and the way the things have gone post-acquisition.

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