Forum Post: OneNote 2016 Files Tab (and functions) Gone

Where did the Files tab go? More importantly where did all the functions go. All the ability to organize and export, even e-mail notes are now missing. I’ve checked all through the websites.

Sourced through from:

And here is the answer!! OneNote App is preloaded with Windows 10 and worse is the default OneNote.  Worse yet, this makes it sound like there is no way to change that, although I haven’t researched it yet.  So if you click the surface pin or click on the default OneNote tile, you get the severely neutered app, not the old full featured program.  For now I unpinned the default tile and replaced it with the OneNote 2016 tile buried deep in the menu.  Working on geting the Surface pen to default to launching the Desktop app.…/windows-10-tip-choose-the-right-onenote-app

See on Scoop.itOffice365


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